Splash! Into Science

Happy summer everyone!

As it is nearing the end of July, (time is rushing by!), and we are all busy working and playing, I would like to share with you a camp that was a combination of work and play for me down in Keene, NH.

I worked with Doug Earick to develop a curriculum for a science camp for middleschoolers. I lead the Splash! Into Science kids camp at Keene State University from July 14th-18th with Steve Hale as a helpful guide. The camp was overflowing with fun water games and learning activities. We spent the week trying to develop answers to the question, “What’s in the Water?”

The first task of ours was to create our own rules and contract:

…With these self-made rules and thoughts of respect, we went on to start our week of water fun!

This picture is one of the very first activities the kids did to answer the question of the week…

Aside from our overarching question, there were additional questions pondered…

“What types of equipment does a hydrologist use?”

“What is data?”

“What is stream discharge?”

“What is water conductivity?”

We went down to the river to talk about what may be in the water… Continue reading