Stormwater Management Graduate Assistantship

I have just recently become an enrolled graduate student, after finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy this past Spring of 2017.  I received a research assistantship through Dr. June Hammond Rowan, who is now the coordinator for the ESP program.   This is a new experience where I’m actually doing real long term research with a professor in my field of study.  We are looking at a selection of fifty-two different towns in New Hampshire, analyzing town documents, including their Master Plan, Subdivision Regulations, Site Plan Reviews, and Zoning Ordinances to determine storm water management methods and plans.  We are conducting an evaluation to see how the towns are doing regarding their mitigation practices to serve the towns.  Though the work is sometimes tedious, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about towns and how each town is unique in how they manage their town’s storm water.

I have an incredible passion for the protection of water and its availability to people.  I hope that this assistantship will continue to broaden the scope of my understanding of the regulation of water. My ultimate career goals are to help others, in any way that I can, but I would love to work in places where there is water conflict, and help regions where there is lack of quality water management.  This assistantship, has given me the opportunity to gain more knowledge and understanding and prepare me for a career in this focus.  It is the first step towards a career in this work/field.

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